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Internal Controls

An effective internal control program is key to a successful business.  You can outsource your internal control program to us, or we can help you custom design a program to fit your needs.  We have a Certified Internal Auditor on staff who thinks reviewing bank reconciliations, expense reports, payroll reports, insider review controls, accounting/cash controls, outstanding checks, and all kinds of other internal control reviews are fun.  We think she's a little crazy too!

Person Analyzing Data

Forensic Auditing and Accounting

When you need a close look at numbers, we're the people you want on your team.  We pretty much do everything with financial data, except file taxes.  We call our CPA friends for that.  

If you suspect a fraud or embezzlement, someone has misappropriated funds, or you just can't track down where the money has gone, we are the team to call to help trace the money trail.



We perform background investigations of all kinds.  Whether you need assistance locating assets, doing an educational or financial background investigative check, help with a civil or criminal case, or any type of detective/investigative work, we are ready to help.  We have an experienced team of military veterans, former police officers and chiefs, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Forensic Auditor, Registered Forensic Investigator, and a licensed Private Investigator.


Our team of experts is available for any type of consult you need, whether you need expert witnesses for depositions and/or litigation, mediation, or just someone to run an idea by. We are available to review contracts, discuss financial matters, budgeting, daily money management, and risk management. 

Business Meeting

Life throws curve balls at all of us, and sometimes that means we are facing personal injury cases, where you may need loss valuations performed; sometimes earnings capacity assessments in disability or divorce cases; or sometimes you're ready to sell a small, privately held business and need to know how much it's worth.  Our valuations team is comprised of MBAs who are trained in these types of valuations.

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